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One of the most important moments when applying for an MBA program is an essay candidate. Harvard is no exception. And yet many people do not give it proper writing, thereby reducing their chances. In the end, perhaps this is the “best” way to distinguish oneself from other applicants for admission. Getting Cheap Essays

Dan Rogers, the current freshman at Harvard MBA, offers some tips on writing a great essay. He graduated from the University of Birmingham in the UK with an honorary degree in Economics and Political Science, and subsequently, for four years, he worked as a consultant in the field of strategic management. In addition to Harvard, he was accepted into many other business schools. Every year, many young professionals from all over the world compete for a place in a top business school. This year the competition was tougher than ever. The pressure on the labor market, and the financial difficulties caused by the situation in the economy, convinced many that they should join the battle for a place in business school.


While the increase in the number of talented candidates was a surprise for the admissions offices of business schools, for those who enrolled it meant only one thing - it became even more difficult to enter a top business school. They soon realized that they needed not only to work harder to achieve their dreams - enrollment in a business school, but also to find a way to distinguish themselves, their advantages, and show themselves from the best side.

When your GMAT level is normal, the same as everyone else’s, then the introductory essay is the most important distinguishing element in your file. While there is no magic formula for writing a great introductory essay, there is still a technique for writing a perfect essay more than an interview technician.


And the “theory” of writing begins with a chapter that says how best to present your external characteristics. It is very important why you are writing an essay. Think of a member of the selection committee as a buyer about to buy the best product. Essay - your chance to sell yourself, shout to the buyer: “Hey, you there, look at me! Buy me”

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