Writing an essay

Think about yourself

The second half of the equation is an introspection process. I began to gradually fill in a huge sheet of paper, brainstorming, until my eyes began to close. I forced myself to think carefully over a series of test questions. What prompted me to enter a business school in my life? Cheap Essay Writing Service? What drives me? What is my personality and uniqueness? What are my strengths? What events in my life influenced me? What makes me the perfect candidate? How can I show my leadership skills and group work skills?


Only when I felt that I had completely exhausted my resources, I showed this poster to my closest relatives. Maybe they know something else that makes me interesting. To really make a real picture of yourself, you may even have to remember yourself at the age of five. Ultimately, you will have a long list of different stories and ideas; and they will be the basis for the essay questions.

Now you are ready to put both halves of the equation together. For each essay question, you will have an idea of ​​what the school wants to hear in response, and the opportunity to choose the appropriate story from your life in order to weave the perfect answer. For each question you need to find an opportunity to demonstrate what kind of experience you have gained. Do not forget: members of the selection committee did not go through self-examination with you, so you need to hold their hand through all their answers as a guide. The best answers are those that are easy to understand and follow.


When you delve into your answers, do not forget to ensure that members of the selection committee understand your uniqueness. As you read the complete collection of your answers, try to understand: what is the complete presentation that you leave in the essay. Will this be a holistic view that will remain in the memory of members of the selection committee.

Who you are?

How will they remember you? As a “smart consultant who climbed Everest,” or “a dodger supporting local charitable activities”? Think about what idea of ​​yourself you want to leave. I wanted to seem like a “managed consultant, endlessly challenging myself, feeling mentally and physically.” It was not something specifically invented for admission, this is who I really am. As for the rest of the income, you cannot falsify it. Of course, you can come up with something, but it’s silly to try to be who you are not. The final part of writing an introductory essay is asking for help. Successful applicants have a whole team of people supporting them. They have a mom, dad, girlfriend or drinking buddies who are ready to voice, check the spelling and edit the grammar. They have bosses, managers and school graduates who provide a strategic look, confirm their merits and test their ideas. These people know when you are hiding something, and can help clarify your ideas. I’m pretty sure that the real factor of my uniqueness was found with the help of friends who were honest enough with me to say when my answers were unconvincing.


You now have a guide. Like the best potions, the formula for writing an essay is simple: understand why you are writing this essay, get to know your audience, get to know yourself, sell yourself to your audience, create a unique, but at the same time unique brand, ask your faithful friends for help. I am afraid that all the other components of success are at the mercy of luck.

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